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Brainstorming, creativity, computer related injury protection, time saving and subliminal messages software:
Brainstorming Toolbox, ScreamSaver, Reply Wizard and Self-help Subliminals.

Free resources for brainstorming, creative thinking and innovation.
Creativity and brainstorming software

Resources for business and personal brainstorming. Contains free training and information on creative thinking and brainstorming. FREE tools, software, interactive web pages and training online.

Brainstorming Toolbox

Software for Advanced Brainstorming and creativity.
This software is dedicated to increasing your ability to brainstorm. Interactive techniques will spark off new ideas and enable you to generate new solutions easily.
       Motivational software

Self-help Subliminals Logo: What does it say?
Self-help Subliminals

Software for displaying your own subliminal messages on your computer

Write and display your own subliminal messages on your computer screen for positive life changes. If you don't believe it, try it for free and decide afterwards. We even tell you how to write good subliminal messages.

       Time saving and automated email response software for busy managers

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Reply Wizard

Reply to repetitive emails without the repetition. Software for displaying your own subliminal messages on your computer

Time saving software for busy managers, helpdesks, customer services and human resources. Ideal for use by small businesses and busy individuals to cut the time they spend answering emails. Instant access to your own standard replies, standard letters, standard responses and email templates for semi-automating your email.

Health and Safety training and safety software

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Active protection from computer related RSI, back pain and eye-strain
Protect yourself from repetitive strain injury (RSI), headaches and back ache caused by sitting at your computer workstation for too long. Take regular breaks and do stretching exercises.

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